3 Of The Most Popular Bike Racks

As an avid cyclist I have many bikes that I used to workout with. I use some for road racing, mountain biking and then some for triathlons. Here are a few bike rack ideas to store your bikes below.

There is good reason why there are so many different bike racks, because people have different needs and different vehicles. However, there are some favorites. The following are 3 popular bike racks that bikers will typically look at.

Hitch Bike Racks

Given that the hitch receiver is capable of carrying the weight, a hanging mount can accommodate up to 5 bikes. Its simple and easy to attach and remove the hanging mount from the vehicle, in addition to being compact in terms of storage.  You can see more bike rack reviews here.

Many bike owners prefer a hitch mount because they don’t need to lift the bikes further than their waist. Some models even allow space for the trunk to easily open and others allow add-on attachments for skis.

There is a possibility that the bikes will make contact with each other and unusual bike frames can be a little more challenging to mount. If perhaps you are using a low suspended vehicle the bikes can make contact with road causing a lot of damage.

Platform Bike Racks

The platform mounts can typically carry up to 4 bikes at a time and its very easy to load and unload. You will also be hard pressed to find a bike that wont fit on a platform mount. More importantly, they provide ample space between the bikes and there is no danger that the bikes will come into contact with the road.

Obviously the platform mounts are bulkier and heavier, which means light duty hitches will only be able to support 2 bikes at a time. The other problem is access to the trunk for hatchback vehicles, although the easy loading and unloading process places it in the minor problem section.

Fork Bike Racks

Given the fact that the front wheel of the bike needs to be removed, the profile of the bike is significantly lower compared to an upright mount. Thanks to the locking forks the rack is as secure and stable as a bike mount can possibly be. More often than not fork roof mounts aren’t as bulky as the upright mounts, which mean it uses less space on the crossbar.

For some people removing the front wheel isn’t practical, because the front wheel has to be placed inside the car or a wheel holder has to be purchased. There is also a chance that it might not be compatible with certain bike fenders. In addition to the fenders, some forks might not work with the system, but axle adapters might be able to solve the problem.

Once a bike rack is successfully installed then traveling is easier than ever. Just remember to check stability for all the racks and the bikes, because safety should always come first. When this is taken care of the fun can start.

5 Fat Burning Foods You Should Look At

Healthy weight loss is not just about dropping the pounds and looking good, it’s about losing the weight and feeling good. It’s about making some lifestyle changes that stick with you, not on you.

By becoming a little knowledgeable about how your body reacts to certain foods, in the weight loss process, it will enable you make wiser decisions. Stop playing Russian roulette with your desired goals, how about using all the bullets and practice hitting your target.

People blame their weight on a slow metabolism but this is not usually the cause for weight gain. Metabolism is the process in which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. You gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn.

To lose weight we need to burn more calories than we eat. By picking out some fat burning foods we can do this on purpose in a faster way.

Fat Burning Foods  List

Has high levels of caffeine which stimulates the body  mind, contributing to the number of calories burned.
Chlorogenic acid is found in coffee. When combined with the caffeine a fat burning effect is produced.
For best results, exercise 20 to 30 minutes after drinking black coffee, the calorie burning enhancing will not happen by you just sitting down.

Chili peppers
Capsaicin, a compound contained in the peppers, increases your body temperature and raises your heart rate, which steps up your metabolism.
Studies have found that just by eating one spicy meal can step up your metabolism for about 3 hours after you have eaten.

These tasty fruits are packed with pectin, a fiber that lowers cholesterol and dissolves fat.

Green Tea   
Has a powerful antioxidant, epigallocatechin gallate, this compound boosts up your nervous system which helps you burn more calories.  Activates the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


These tasty berries contain catechins which stimulate the fat-burning genes in our body.

Weight Loss/Health Benefits

By adding a balance of fat burning foods to your diet you will be able to shed those unwanted pounds. Many of these foods are high in antioxidants which helps our body fight against disease. Foods make our hair and skin shine with that healthy appeal.

Your health is the most important decision you have each day. Choose a balanced lifestyle and feel good every day!

5 Ways to Be Consistent In Dieting


Have been dieting? But want to be consistent about it? Then, its time for you to use this 5 ways to get your goal consistently. This list of information will help you encourage to do reach your goal and how to consistently do it.

Here are some ways to do be consistent in your food intake in fitness which is usually called as dieting:

  • Stop eating crap and eat healthy foods – even if you are doing your fitness workouts, healthy diet and etc. When you are not consistent of eating healthy goods then you will definitely end up fat and unhealthy, so if you want to keep your dieting work and get a fit body. Then, you should start eating healthy foods and never eat crap foods. You might be tempted in the middle of the day or on your diet but if you stop eating those kinds of food, then everything that you worked hard for will work out right away. These crap goods would lessen the chance of getting your goal and would make your cravings increase, so start rejecting crap goods.
  • dietingKeep your motto prioritize – if you really want to keep your diet and body fit? Then you should make a move and not just say it. Keep your motto prioritize and don’t forget to choose the right motto. It would be best to keep the saying “Eat Healthy and Don’t Eat Junk”. Keep that in mind and whenever you are tempted, make sure that you got that motto prioritize.
  • Learn to trick your brain – if you want to reach your goal, you should be consistent but you can never do that without determination and of course, tricking your brain to do things that would help you reach your goal which is to maintain your diet. Always remember that you can lose weight even in just dieting and if you can trick your brain of doing it all the time or making it a habit, then it will be easier for you to do those things. You may think its impossible but it really works when you trick your brain, because there is more percentage that your brain helps decide what you do. So make a move and eat your healthy diet with the same look of your favorite food.
  • Know your calories intake – it would be best to know how much calories you have taken in a day, because you will be able to keep on track of your food and drinks that makes you healthy. Just try to make it 500 calories intake for you a day and make sure you track it from every food that you eat, this will help you get to know the foods that you should not eat which makes you more knowledgeable about your food intake.
  • Find the right solution that works for you – it is also important that you know what technique really works for you because whatever you do, if you don’t like or the technique does not work for you. Then, there will be less possibility that you will reach your goal of staying fit. Whatever tactic you want to try, make sure you know that you like to do it and that you can say that it can work for you.

When you know what to do, knowledgeable of the healthy food you should eat and what works for you. Then, there is no doubt that you can reach your goal in healthy dieting as long as you are determine to do it.

An Honest P90X3 Review – Is the P90X3 Worth Buying? 


P90X3 is actually the third and also final addition to Tony Horton’s P90X exercise program series. The latest launch of this training has grabbed the interest of many health and fitness freaks owing to the intense yet efficient workout guide. This 3rd installment in the series has much more intense and challenging exercises compared to its predecessors; however, the good part is that it is just for half an hour a day. In this P90x3 review, we are going to analyze the effectiveness of the P90X3 program.

Details about P90X3:

P90X3 exercise routine comes in 3 kits – Basic, Deluxe, and also Ultimate. The Basic package costs $139.80 and includes 16 exercise DVDs, a fitness manual, a nutrition guidebook, a 3 months wall calendar, labeled stickers and a great intro DVD together with 24/7 free e-mail and chat assistance. The Deluxe package costs $239.70 and incorporates everything within the basic kit along with a month’s availability of E & E Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout Formula and extra workout blocks. The Ultimate set costs $329.55 and includes a one-month availability of P90X Results as well as Recovery Formula Post Workout Drink, a chin up max and a chin up bar in conjunction with everything from the Deluxe kit.

The exercise routine doesn’t need any special devices though Horton does suggest purchasing a decent pair of cross trainer footwear instead of regular running sneakers.

P90X3 incorporates a 30-minute everyday workout program. The first 2 minutes are a warm-up session and then the rest of the remaining 28 minutes are usually stressful exercises.


Pros of P90X3:

The greatest plus point of P90X3 is the fact that it needs only half an hour of your time every day.

Secondly, almost everything about this exercise routine oozes positivity. Therefore, you’re more inspired to stick to the workout routine and not skip even a day.

The program also contains a fitness and also nutrition guide, to help you sort out what you ought to consume and when, in order to get maximum benefit.

This workout regime furthermore gives you the suppleness to adjust it to 1 hour daily for 120 days instead of 30 minutes each day. This is particularly useful for newcomers.

P90X3 enables you to work out in the comfort and ease of your own residence. It’s not necessary to enroll in a fitness center or employ a fitness instructor.

Cons of P90x3:

The first disadvantage according to this P90x3 review is that you simply might not see results immediately. Users have discovered that although the program is useful, it takes enough time to show the desirable results.

The next drawback is that it can be very costly in comparison with other home exercise programs. Nevertheless, if you do a comparison of it with a fitness center membership or even hiring a fitness trainer, P90X3 certainly is a more economical alternative.


Conclusion and Recommendation:

In this P90x3 review I love to mention that the P90X3 exercise routine is highly suggested for those who need to get in shape or even stay in shape, upgrade from their existing workout program or perhaps anyone who has found the last two versions of the series efficient.

It is also an excellent option for those who want to stay fit; however, don’t have enough time to spend during a workout session. Since the majority of the workout videos are usually fast paced, it is possible to lose your daily dosage of calories in about half the amount of the time period you spend inside a gym. Furthermore, the cost of the program is really a one-time cost but actually will last you for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, for newbies, it’s recommended to try P90X 1 and 2 before upgrading to P90X3.

Benefits of focus T25 

If you are really interested in work outs programs you can check focus T25 Review online. Focus T25 is the latest training program of Shaun T. He says it’s the best fitness training program is available for those with a tight schedule.


Focus T25 Training Formula

The main objective of Focus T25 is to provide a value of one hour of workout in just 25 minutes. Shaun T has specially designed techniques to help people with this. All you need to do is follow the instructions given 25 minutes per day for 5 days a week. You can spend the other two days to review your progress and concentrate more on stretching exercises. You should continue this program for a period of 10 weeks to achieve measurable results.

Focus T25 is equipped with a series of prepared DVDs, complete nutritional guide and a variety of free gifts. Shaun T has divided the training program all three phases such as Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Each phase is designed to provide training to a specific muscle group in your body. These three phases will gradually develop your body and make you fit at the end of 10 weeks. All exercises provided by Focus T25 will make you hard breath, sweat and help you get a perfect training in 25 minutes. Shaun T also advises followers to believe in themselves to get the most out of this fitness training program. You need to check focus T25 Review as a guide to you.  Source: www.fitnessrocks.org was used for this information.

T25 Featured Exercises

Building on the foundations laid in Insanity workout Shaun T, Focus T25 will use a plethora of exercises, all designed to target a specific muscle group or cardiovascular and aerobic target zone. For example, free weights are used to promote muscle growth and strength. A wide range of gymnastics, resistance training and traditional weights are implemented at just the right time to maximize the benefits for a given year in the fastest, most efficient way.


Target Demographic

Focus T25 is geared towards people who desire to become fit but also struggle with time. Mothers on schedule baby food-feeding and microphones schedule after school find the 25 minutes investment an easier prospect than other workout regimens. The busy father leaves for work at 8:00 am (pre-work workout is attractive in this scenario), and is off at 5:00 (also a good opportunity to take 30 minutes and get a workout in) can put Focus on T25 workout to the test. Ultimately, people generally want to look and feel good, but without huge expense or time investment. If this sounds like you, Focus T25 Workout is a great choice. You should therefore check focus T25 Review online.

You should remember that whichever workout program assurances can’t be achieved without good nutrition. The training program also offers information to make good nutrition. Remember that it is not only plotting with a diet guide, but put into practice. You must change your day in day diet. For this training program to be successful you need also to be eating a good diet. With proper dieting and regular working out you will definitely get fit.

Three Body Weight Exercises For an Extreme Cardio Workout! 


Cardiovascular exercise is focused on wellness of the heart. Extreme Cardio workouts enhance the circulation of oxygen as well as blood to the muscles of the body, which in turn enhance the beats per minute, thereby rendering it more effective and durable. There are actually a lot of people partaking cardiovascular exercises nowadays. Those people that indulge in cardiovascular exercise also burn a lot of calories thereby making it as an effective tool to lose weight.

Genuine cardio workout activities originate from moving around your own body resistance and that’s all. Disregard the treadmill and circular mentors in light of the fact that those are useful for collecting dust and taking up space. You have to execute the utilization of your own body resistance if at all you are serious about getting some genuine results. Look at the following three body weight drills I have included here for you for an extreme cardio workout.

Body Weight Exercises for Cardio!


  1. Mountain Climbers: 

This is an enormous cardio strength training drill that is certain to raise your heart rate and help you to light the muscle to fat quotients. To execute this activity, you will need to get into an upright push up position with one of your knees staggered and flexed up underneath your chest. The other leg ought to be reached out with you supporting your weight on the wads of your feet in both legs. This resembles a sprinter’s start position. From here you are going to strongly and rapidly develop the leg that is underneath your body and at the same time flex the opposite leg bringing it up to your chest. Back and forth and in fast progression you are going to always switch your legs while keeping your hands flat on the ground. After just a couple of reps you will see why this is such an extreme body weight cardio workout.


  1. Squat Jumps:

Squat jumps are a tremendous body weight drill that is sure to elevate your level of perceived exertion and give you an awesome cardio exercise routine. Begin this drill by standing with your feet at shoulder width apart in length. From here you are going to execute a counter movement with your arms by swinging them back as you drop your hips and butt back to descend down into the squat. Once you reach the bottom of the squat you are going to forcefully and explosively execute a triple extension of your hips, knees, and ankles with enough force to propel yourself up off of the ground. When you come back down make sure to land heel to toe and triple flex at your hips, knees, and ankles in order to recoil your body and prepare yourself for the following jump. All of the jumps should be done in continuous succession for an extreme cardiovascular workout.


  1. Burpees: 

The burpee is a whole body callisthenic that is excellent for helping you to obtain a high level of both cardiovascular conditioning and muscular strength. This drill is performed by executing 4 steps. Begin by standing with your feet at about shoulder width distance apart. From here the following four steps are executed:

1) Get yourself involved in crouching down to place your hands on the ground.

2) Then get yourself involved in kicking your feet back behind you extending your body into an upright push up position.

3) After this, you need to get yourself involved in executing a normal push up.

4) This last step ends the drill with you simply standing up and preparing yourself to go through the entire process again.

However you ought to start with simple exercises if you have a great deal of weight to lose. This is on the grounds that your body won’t handle extreme cardio workouts pretty well. The last thing you want is to overdo your workouts and then quit because it is too strenuous. You can begin your workout with walking exercises. Remember to walk at a fast enough pace to get your heart rate slightly elevated.